Application Suite for Booking Mammogram appointments 


Application Architecture

Alianz's application suite for booking mammogram appointments consists of four distinct applications:

1. Application for Managing Calendars and Locations' Schedules

Key Features:

  • Configuring screening facilities including a percentage of all timeslots that must be allocated for priority clients
  • Managing service locations and schedules for mobile screening facilities
  • Configuring daily and weekly templates for calendars for each screening facility. The daily template is a timetable of available 5- or 10-minute long timeslots for a day as well as the number of available screening machines for each timeslot. The weekly template is a collection of Daily templates that are assigned to each day of a week
  • Managing timeslots available for appointment at each service location using calendar’s templates of a screening facility
  • Ad-hoc changes in facility’s calendar - adding and removing timeslots for specific day, increasing, and decreasing number of appointments available for specific timeslots
  • Managing appointments that require cancellation due to changes in a facility’s calendar

2. Application for Booking an Appointment by Call Center Clerks

Key Features:

  • Advanced search for client records
  • Managing client’s clinical and demographic profiles
  • Issuing booking notice for the client with invitation for a mammogram appointment. Invitation includes client’s personal code for booking appointment online
  • Validating and overriding the client’s eligibility for a mammography screening
  • Interactive, calendar-style search for available continuous timeslots at the preferable service location factoring client’s priority and special needs attributes
  • Creating, rescheduling and canceling individual appointments
  • Creating and canceling appointments for a group of clients
  • Automated allocation of appointment timeslots for every client within a group in accordance with their special needs
  • Managing ‘Walk-in’ and ‘No-Show’ appointments
  • Operational dashboard

3. Self-service Public Web Portal for Booking Mammogram Appointments Online

Key Features:

  • Booking a mammogram appointment using client’s personal code
  • Confirming eligibility for a mammogram appointment
  • Interactive search for preferable service location using Google maps
  • Interactive search for preferable date and time for an appointment using Calendar-style interface
  • Opting for appointment reminder via text message
  • Rescheduling or cancelling a previously confirmed appointment
  • Registering for the waitlist at preferred Service Location when no timeslots are currently available

4. Integration Application for Notifying Screening Centers

Key Features:

  • Creating appropriate HL7 2.x SIU messages for each new, rescheduled and canceled appointments
  • Generating HL7 2.x ADT messages when demographics are changed for clients with appointments booked in the future
  • Sending HL7 2.x messages to corresponding radiology application using industry standard protocols. Messages are sent sequentially in accordance with time that appointment records have been modified
  • Logs all communications with receiving parties including acknowledgements of receiving HL7 messages

Contact us for the case study of our latest deployment for the British Columbia Cancer Agency

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